The youth will be leaving the church at 6:30 on Wednesday night to go to Fairview First Baptist Church for a special presentation of ...L.O.L
Invite friends and don't be late!
Contact Jed for more info.
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Grace Community Church has been blessed with an awesome youth group. Led by Jed Thomas and Jessica Creel, they study how to apply the Word of God to everyday life in a way that makes sense for students. Navigating today’s world is a challenge for anyone but especially for young people who seem to face temptation almost everywhere they look. GCC provides support for students that is not only based on God’s Truth but is also fun and exciting. Bible studies are Wednesday evenings at 6:30 and Sunday evenings at 6:00 along with trips and activities sprinkled in often.


The Gospel Project for Students helps teens develop a bigger perspective on Scripture and how the story of Jesus Christ ties it all together. Every week, in every passage, your students will encounter the gospel through the in-depth study of biblical theology, apologetics, missions, and the grand narrative of Scripture. Because nothing has the ability to transform a teen’s life like the gospel.