What We Do

Core Values

At Grace, our mission is to “Develop devoted followers of Christ who Love God, Love People and Prove It." Core values are those things that we have come to understand that must characterize us as we pursue the mission God has given our church. In other words, our mission is what we are seeking to accomplish, and our core values are the essential commitments that we hold to while pursuing the mission. Our core values represent a measuring stick for us to judge every ministry program and every budget item as we seek to pursue what God has for us as a church. We have 5 core values: Biblical, Relational, Sacrificial, Missional, and Radical. Here is a summary of what we mean by each one:


We are committed to the authority and sufficiency of the Bible, God’s Word. We believe that the Bible is God’s story written under His inspiration. The Bible helps us to know the mind of God and the heart of God and His plans and purposes for mankind. God’s plan and purpose for the church is revealed in the Scriptures as well, and unlike church tradition or human preference, the Scriptures carry the authority of God. So, we strive to organize and conduct ourselves with the Bible being our sole and final guide and authority. That means that we are a church that emphasizes careful teaching and preaching of the Scriptures. Love and devotion to God through the Scriptures is central to our identity. Study of the Bible in our worship services and small groups is a key component of life at Grace. The goal of Grace Community Church is to open and learn from the Word of God every time we gather together. This involves Biblical messages and worship on Sundays, Bible study on Wednesdays nights, and discipleship through small groups studying the Scriptures together. Our goal is to get to know God together through the Scriptures and to encourage each other in following Christ as we go. Everything we do as a church is centered on the truth of God’s Word.


We value relationships because we know God values relationships. People matter to God and they matter to us at Grace. You will often hear at Grace that “God loves you and so do we.” We believe that relationships are an essential part of life in Christ and in His church. Our God is a relational God. Throughout the Scriptures, we see God’s offer of relationship to man. We see that God has been active in restoring our broken relationship with Him through the His son, Jesus, and He desires to be active in and through our relationships with each other. In relationships, we can introduce people to a life following Christ. In relationships, we can study God’s Word and encourage each other as we pursue Christ. Through our relationships, God can make Himself known to the world. We are a church that seeks to engage our community with relationships. We want to be a church that doesn’t just say we love the community, but one that puts that love into action. Grace holds many community outreach events every year with the single goal of “loving” our community. Everything we do at Grace is done in a way that shows that people matter.


In a self-centered society, the gospel shines brightest when seen through generosity. We want to unleash a new generation of people willing to give their lives away for the sake of others. This means giving our TIME, our TALENTS and our TREASURE for the sake of God’s work. We join Jesus in reaching out to the suffering, fighting injustice, and helping the poor. Jesus calls his church to be a compelling force for good in the world, and we believe that the church is at its best when it serves, sacrifices, and loves, caring about the things that God cares about.


We are a missional church. That is to say that our mission is God’s mission. We set our goals and efforts upon making disciples of Jesus among all people both near and far. We take this missional value from the command of Jesus in Acts 1:8. Jesus said to His disciples, “You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” He was calling upon them to tell the good news of salvation and to make Christ-followers both near to home and far away, and that call extends to us today. We are a church that is committed passionately to the goal of making disciples. We believe that every member of Grace Community Church is a missionary. Each of us has a mission field with opportunities to spread the good news of Jesus in all of the places we go every day. That is to say that God has given us relationships and favor with people whom we can influence and reach with the Good news of Jesus. For most of us, our mission field is right before us. It is in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and grocery stores with people whom we already know or could easily know. Everything at Grace is done in order to grow people to be missional when they leave the doors of the church. Our goal at Grace is to take what happens inside our church walls and make a difference outside of our church walls in our community. You will hear this phrase said a lot at Grace, but we believe, “If what is happening inside of our church isn’t making a difference outside of Grace, then we are missing the point.”


Radically devoted Christian is the norm for a believer, so at Grace we teach people that they are to radically give their all to Christ and follow Him. We value a radical commitment to God and to the church. We are also a radical church in our church environment, and you will hear a lot that we are “different to make a difference.” We want to be radical and bold in our faith in order to reach our community for Jesus Christ. We want to be a church that is radical in all we do to reach the lost, because the time is urgent and the lost need the gospel. We are not here to make ourselves comfortable as Christians, but to grow in order to take what we know out to a lost and dying world. We want to raise up bold Christians such as those in the book of Acts 4:12 when it says, “Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized they had been with Jesus.” We want our community to see the boldness of Grace, but more importantly, we want them to see Jesus. We are willing to risk everything to accomplish our mission:
-For the sake of the lost...
the needy…
the church…
and ultimately Jesus Christ.